Lucy to Major Tom


This is Lucy to David Bowie.

For 21 years, my life happened on the inside.

I created a world for myself inside my mind, and whilst I was in it, I could reach the stars. Outside this world, I felt but a clown.

I may have tried to do what people call “living” once or twice, but soon enough I would crawl back to my mind, back to the stars. It’s the only place I could bear to live.

Some days were starrier than others. Some days I dove into complete darkness. It didn’t matter to me. They were my stars, and it was my darkness.

It was safe. Comfortable. Untouchable.

No one could find me there. No one could disturb me with their reality.

And then I met your world.

Driven by curiosity, I stepped through the door, and unpretentiously explored the world you created yourself so devotedly.

I discovered all the painted faces, the colours, the sounds, the stories that were a part of it. I travelled through your world from the most obscure valleys to the highest mountains.

What an interesting world you have created.

I was a complete foreign to your world, and yet, it felt like home.

It all felt familiar, except for the fact that mine had a DO NOT ENTER neon sign by the locked door. And Yours? Oh, yours had all the doors and windows wide open and you were inviting everyone in.

Why would you do that?

Then I came to the realization that brought me where I am.

Your world is still here.

You may have departed from our world, but the world you created is still here. It will always be here.

Who is keeping it alive? All the people you have invited in.

If that wasn’t enough, your world has also become a source of inspiration for those who are still building their own.

Your world has grown into a galaxy, David.

How beautiful is that? It’s like planting a tree and growing a forest.

Now, looking back at my world, it all feels so small and lonely.

Some people told me that such a small and lonely world was unworthy of life. They told me I should leave it behind, trade it for someone else’s world. They told me to trade it for a world that was already made up.

But you, you taught us differently.

Your world was once small and lonely too. People rejected it, but you kept it. People stole from it, but you kept it. You kept it, and no matter what happened, you left the doors wide open.

And it grew. And it was no longer lonely.

You taught us well.

We don't need to leave our worlds to be a part of something bigger.

Our worlds can still grow into bright galaxies.

As long as we are willing to leave its doors opened.


Thank you, David.
The doors are opened.