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Being an artist is the closest there is to being a child.


It’s all about discovery. Making mistakes. Both children and artists thrive from exploring the unknown, and experimenting with all there is. Both are allowed to be foolish, curious, and stubborn. If we’re told we shouldn’t mix wet and dry media, we’ll just go home and deliberately put the two together, and maybe even add some oils, just to sit and watch the chaos, eager to see what unexpected results these so-called forbidden acts hold.

This is what I live for.

Just like a little child, I live to explore possibilities. And if I am a child, art is life. Aren't Art and life about the same? Survival requires imagination. Procreation requires connection. And this is what we live for. For me, art is but a different expression of life – one that is conceived in the orgies of minds, and birthed out of a connection between numerous ideas, emotions, memories, perceptions. We may sign them, but they’re never ours alone. Neither is this life. They belong to the world. And so do the children. So do we.

I gladly take commissions and I'm always interested in collaborating with other artists and creators. If you have anything in mind, feel free to contact me at or elsewhere.